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Item Code 3341

Title Confabulations

Author Rodland, Torbjorn

Signed By The Photographer

ISBN: 9781910164631

Condition: Hardcover



Torbj�rn R�dland\n


\nSigned by the Photographer\n

\nA dictionary will tell you that confabulations are memory disturbances; the production of fabricated, distorted memories about oneself and the world, but without a conscious intention to deceive.\n

\n?Subjectivity is not the master signifier of the image,? writes Ina Blom of R�dland?s work, ?Nor is it lost in a vortex of abstractions: it is quite simply one point of connectivity among many. The camera, with its associated range of lenses, aperture settings, lighting devices, and film types, is another. [?] The emphatic sheen, sleek glamour and casual perversity still thrive, but they take on an independent existence as new textural realities ? as if to speak of a material world that we can never fully know."\n

\nWith Confabulations, Torbj�rn R�dland presents a set of analogue photographs that subtly misrepresents broken memories and childhood fantasies. Confabulations distorts facts to get to truth. Fragmentation is neither rejected nor induced in this unitary approach, but seen as a starting point for new connections. Beneath a million silly memes R�dland is looking for new soul.\n

\nHardcover. 112 pages
\n64 colour plates
\n21.6 cm x 28 cm
\nPublication date: June 2016
\nISBN 9781910164631

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